Deploy CMD is complaining the syntax is incorrect but the syntax IS correct

The following 3 lines I can run on cmd shell without issue, I do it all the time, which is why I wanted to PDQ it up.

C:\lgpo.exe /b C:\
FOR /F %i IN ('dir /b {*') DO set lgpodir=%i
C:\LGPO.exe /parse /m C:\%lgpodir%\DomainSysvol\GPO\Machine\registry.pol >> C:\lgpo.txt


But PDQ errors with:

LGPO.exe - Local Group Policy Object Utility
Version 3.0.2004.13001
Copyright (C) 2015-2020 Microsoft Corporation
Security Compliance Toolkit -

Creating LGPO backup in "C:\{31379DC1-DF11-4271-A9DC-16612B190C43}"
The syntax of the command is incorrect.


And specifically I'm pretty sure its upset at this part:

FOR /F %i IN ('dir /b {*') DO set lgpodir=%i


I guess I can't tell it otherwise but how can I get my correct line here to execute from PDQ?




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  • Just a bit more info - see how it works manually:


    My command:
    C:\>FOR /F %i IN ('dir /b {*') DO set lgpodir=%i

    Shell replies:
    C:\>set lgpodir={2F335FBA-8D0F-4A23-BAD9-CF2E8ACDE7CE}
  • Deploy executes CMD steps as batch files, so you have to double up the %.

    FOR /F %%i IN ('dir /b {*') DO set lgpodir=%%i
  • OK thanks, it got past the


    FOR /F %%i IN ('dir /b {*') DO set lgpodir=%%i


    but the error is now on the next line. It seems that %lgpodir% isn't set.

    C:\LGPO.exe /parse /m C:\%lgpodir%\DomainSysvol\GPO\Machine\registry.pol >> C:\lgpo.txt
    Cannot open input file "C:\\DomainSysvol\GPO\Machine\registry.pol"


    I tried doing %%lgpodir%% but it just makes:

    Cannot open input file "C:\%lgpodir%\DomainSysvol\GPO\Machine\registry.pol"


    It seems that people do some fancy stuff with batch FOR but I don't see my case...besides why the heck can't it remember my lgopdir var??


  • Deploy does not start in C:\, so you probably need to add the following as the first line:

    CD \
  • Much solve. Very brains


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