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Update DNS server IP addresses remotely using PDQ?

We have two DNS servers with static IPs of, for example, and  The .10 IP is the primary DNS server and .11 is the secondary server.  These are set on approximately 300 client PCs.

We need to change the primary IP from to and secondary to

Is there a way to:

1) create a PDQ Inventory collection that includes all clients that have as the primary DNS server (so we can preview which clients need to be changed, prior to changing them).
2) run a powershell script launched from PDQ Inventory that will change the primary DNS server on each of those clients in the collection to




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  • Modify as necessary but i use the 2 following and use 'Run Command' in Inventory then assign groups. Use the scanner profile to review them before changing them, run a report after scanning.


    Scanner profile is a powershell scanner 'DNS Addresses'

    • Get-DnsClientServerAddress | Select ServerAddresses -ExpandProperty ServerAddresses


    The inventory group 'Old DNS Servers'

    • Powershell (DNS Addresses) String Contains 172.16.1


    The 2 commands i run depending on the PCs

    • Get-DnsClientServerAddress | Where-Object ServerAddresses -like '172.16.1*'| Set-DnsClientServerAddress -ServerAddresses 172.x.x.10,172.x.x.11
    • Get-NetIPAddress | Where-Object suffixorigin -eq Manual | Get-dnsclientserveraddress | Where-Object {($_.ServerAddresses -like '*172.16.1*') -and ($_.AddressFamily -eq '2')} | Set-DnsClientServerAddress -ServerAddresses 172.x.x.10,172.x.x.11

    Once i was confident in the operations i have a heartbeat schedule targeting the rest. Have migrated ~1500 endpoints so far.