Exclude Servers from Schedules

In our environment we have a 'want' to add Servers to the PDQ console and have the ability to update them. We wish to keep our workstation/Laptop fleet automatically up to date, and report on the server fleet and manually apply updates or remove the software as the case may be. Rather than have to go through and modify every collection thereby possibly breaking the automatic collections for PDQ managed products, I'm hoping there's a method to exclude Server OS types from the deployment without modifying the collections. I must admit I havent seen an easy way to do this other than 'splitting' the collections into a Server and Workstation branch



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  • Just to clarify, I know I can exclude OS types etc from the deployments, but again this adds layers of admin overhead when I need to change a PDQ managed product. I do this on any that I manually do myself, but with Devs installing crap all over the place, I'd prefer to deal with servers in a different way

  • Hi, the "conditions" tab have an OS Version dropdownlistbox where you can check or uncheck the OS you want to deploy on


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