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Apply master filter?

Is it possible to apply some kind of (temporary) 'master filter' or view so that only devices that comply with this filter are visible in the entire tree?

This could be useful, for example, to only see devices in a certain subnet or with a certain OS or domainname or that have a certain value for a parameter or custom field.

I know there is a 'Type here to filter' box at the top right, but the possibilities with this are too limited. I would also have liked to be able to save some filters that can then be selected from a dropdown list to quickly apply an switch to a different subset of devices.




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  • I believe so if I understand you right. When you make a collection, there is a checkbox to "drill down from parent collection".

    Make a top level collection that filters devices on the OS, Subnet, etc. Then add your other collections below the top level collection and check the box to drill down from parent. The sub-collections will only list devices that are in the top level collection.

  • This was also my first thought, but for many collections at my highest level it is not appropriate to enable 'drill down from parent'. This also becomes difficult to work with if I later want to work with multiple users, each of whom will want to switch on a different 'master filter'.