Computer Discovery in PDQ Inventory

We have a bunch of computers we are managing with Intune/Microsoft Endpoint Manager. I'm wondering how others are handling discovery of the devices. 

# Define the ports to be opened
$InventoryPort = 30301
$DeployPort = 9722

# Create an array with the port numbers
$Ports = @($InventoryPort, $DeployPort)

# Loop through the array and open each port
foreach ($Port in $Ports) {
  New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "Open Port $Port" -Direction Inbound -Protocol TCP -LocalPort $Port -Action Allow

Would a powershell like this work to make sure all ports that PDQ need are open? How does the Discovery process work? 

Also, can a discovery be set up to run regularly each day to collect them? I really wish I could just pull DHCP information and attempt to add them from there.



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  • I'm not familiar with the ports being used in your script. For the ports needed for PDQ, check out our article: Firewall Ports and External Exceptions – Support (

    Do you have a hybrid AzureAD environment? Is your PDQ Server able to communicate with your targets?

    There isn't currently a way to run a scheduled network discovery.


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