Filter for report doesn't do the same for collection

Couldn't find anything similar so hopefully this isn't a duplicate.

We're having a weird issue with trying to create a dynamic collection based off a report.  The report seems to do what we want however when we do a dynamic collection based off that (Either by copying/pasting the filter or picking "New Collection from Report"), the results are way off.

What we're trying to do is create a collection\report for computers that have domain accounts, other than 2, that are in the "Administrators" group.

Our report filter, which seems to work as intended:

The same as the dynamic collection:

The numeric results:

That's a pretty big discrepancy.

An example computer:

Based on the filter, this computer shouldn't be included in the dynamic collection.  The report shows this:

I've tried many different combinations of the filter.  I can either get 0 or the full 161.  I never seem to get the in-between actual result I'm looking for.  If I'm doing something wrong, I'd love to hear it, but I'm also curious why it would work for a report but not a dynamic collection of machines. 



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  • Salesforce Cross Filters allow you to create a report that identifies records with or without a related record ex: football legends solve the problem for me


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