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Library/Package Request - Adobe Acrobat

It would be nice to have a package for the full version of Acrobat.



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  • I second this!!

  • Thirded.

  • Hi All,

    Full transparency, the issue is that Adobe made a change to where Adobe Acrobat DC 64bit and Adobe Reader DC 64bit are identical from an installed programs perspective (see link below). So we have only offered the Adobe Reader 32bit version because if we included the 64bit version the uninstall would remove paid versions of Adobe Acrobat and our standard Inventory collections cannot identify between the free and paid versions. Additionally, the 64bit version requires user create an account with Adobe and on startup, they login with their account to use the product. Because of this, we have seen a trend in downloads with many customers moving to FoxIt Reader. All that said, we could offer the 64bit version unified installer Reader/Acrobat, but it's very difficult to manage. Knowing this, would you still be interested in this package for your environment?

  • Chad,
    Given the circumstances surrounding Adobe's deployment Acrobat, it may be just as easy to create a package in the admin console as we are still on the 32-bit version of reader. It may be more trouble than it's worth. I hadn't considered the issue you outlined, thanks for your consideration. I appreciate you looking into it for us!

  • Are you able to provide the regular Acrobat patches (msp files)? It does a check to make sure it is updating the correct versions).