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How to run 2 versions of an auto-approved package - PILOT and APPROVED?

Hi all.
My firm needs to run 2 versions of MS Edge and Chrome browsers:
One deployed to a small PILOT group and another for the rest of the company set to auto-approve new versions after 10 days to allow testing.
I can setup 2 packages with the different settings and deploy to the Pilot group OK, but I can't seem to work out a clean way of determining which version the remaining devices should be running.
I'm aware of the "stop deploying to targets once they succeed" schedule option, but this doesn't seem to allow reporting of how many devices require updating for example if there's another zero day exploit.
It feels like I should be able to describe the previous version to the PDQ variable, or the previous version deployed by the Approved / delayed package...?

Any pointers appreciated!
(Hope Inventory is the right place?)



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  • Just to add..
    I'm attempting to standardise the many approaches used for deployments in our PDQ instance.
    Many do not achieve what they intend to so must be re-worked.
    I'm attempting to follow the example created by the PDQ auto-download packages, with collections for OLD / CURRENT and then filtering for Total Installs, NOT installed etc.