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Hi guys. I had been using the PSPDQ Powershell module up until I updated my console to 19.3.365.0 it was working great. But it looks like that module doesn't work with this current version. Since that modules no longer being updated, I was looking at Colby's PDQStuff. While great, I was hoping to see if there's a way to grab all collection members from a specified collection. I used that feature in PSPDQ to grab all collection members and run a script to check certain services and restart down services.



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  • I haven't added anything that PDQ's CLI can already do. I believe the following command does what you want:

    PDQInventory.exe GetCollectionComputers
  • Thanks. I tried that too but it didn't return anything, which I found odd. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong. Doing GetCollection -Collection <name> works to return the collection data (name, path, etc) but GetCollectionComputers -Collection <name> returns an empty line.

  • Huh, that's strange. The following works correctly for me. "Odd" is a collection with 3 members, and it returns all 3 computer names.

    PDQInventory.exe GetCollectionComputers -Collection "Odd"

  • I figured it out. I had an OU named the same as the collection I was going for. Oddly enough, PDQ wasn't pulling anything out of the AD OU so that's an issue but that's my issue. I renamed the other collection to something unique and re-ran that command and it worked as expected. All set. Thank you!


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