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Can I use custom variables in PDQ Deploy install paths?

This seems pretty elementary but I can't find anything via search.  I'm trying to set up a package for R that I can keep updated easily.  R includes its version number in its exe installer file name, so what I'm trying to do is use this for an install path


which should parse to

[My repository]\R\R-4.2.2-win.exe

PDQ Deploy correctly parses the $(Repository) variable, but not the @(AppVerR).  @(AppVerR) does exist in both Inventory and Deploy.



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  • I have some similar packages setup.  They happen to be using DFS-N paths, but that that shouldn't make a difference.  And they don't happen use the $(Repository) because their location is slightly different.

    In your Variables>Custom settings, if you have
    the variable @(AppVerR)
    And the value is 4.2.2
    Then I expect it should work, based on mine.

    The "Command Line" field at the bottom of the install step should show the resulting filename.

  • Yeah none of the custom variables appear to be working.  I created a command step

    echo $(Repository) && echo $(DateTimeUTC) && echo @(Inventory:AppName7Zip)

    and the output is

    [My Repository path]
    3/8/2023 5:18:58 PM 

    And it does the same with all of my custom variables and all the default variables from PDQ.

  • I only use the variables in the GUI in install steps using .exe or .msi, not in separate PS or CMD functionality.

    I suggest contacting support.

  • Yeah I tried an "Install" step too but it can't find the .exe file because it's not parsing the @(AppVerR) variable.

  • I dunno if it was coincidence or not, but I had to restart the computer earlier this afternoon and when I went to test it in Inventory, it worked.  So I went back to check it again in Deploy and it was working there too.  I guess it was just a glitch?