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Rename Active Directory Computers in bulk

Is there a way to rename a list of computers (listOfComputers.csv) that can then be Renamed in Active Directory and of course the result would be a locally renamed Windows 10/11 PC?

Thank you for your help



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  • I think something like this would work. You should just be able to run it on your PC as log as you are on the same network as the computers being renamed. You'll need to run it with credentials that are local admins on the PC's. I just threw this together so make sure you test/tweak it.
    $Computers = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList

    $Computers = Import-CSV -Path "C:\Path\listOfComputers.csv"

    Foreach ($Computer in $Computers)


    Rename-Computer -ComputerName $Computer.Name -NewName $Computer.NewName -Restart