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File modified date dynamic group filter issue

I'm building a dynamic filter to report on the modified date of a specific config file on our desktops to show:

1. Current

2. Old

3. Manually updated (to show any that have a modified date newer than current

the only way i can get Current to work right is if i set it to Date Modified Not Before.   I was thinking since everyones currently should be exactly the same so i dont know why Date Modified Equals isn't working

Also I'm not able to get Manually updated to work to show anything NEWER than this date/time that everyone currently has  (to capture any devs that manually tweaked it)

any idea?



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  • If you are using Equals in your "Current" collection, are you specifying the exact second that it was installed? Make sure to specify the seconds.

    For your "Manually updated" collection, what filters are you using? 


  • so below is the modified date/time of whats "current".   I am actually trying now to have a current and an old but not having luck.   here also is what i have for my old filter



  • actually that above filter DOES appear to be working now that i look again!

  • Ayy, that's great to hear! Not sure if you've seen, but we have a community discord server that I think you may enjoy.