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First Install Package - Just hangs at "running"

Have a question about a hanging Software install Package.  In the screen shot are my settings, I can see on the target workstation that Zoho Icon shows up in the task bar, and in Task manager the install is actively happening but if I have Control Panel open the program never shows up and the deployment just keeps saying "running".  Curious if I'm  missing something easy or simple?




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  • It sounds like this installation isn't running successfully. If you try running this command from an elevated command prompt running as the deploy user, is it successful? Also, looking at your additional files, it looks like you may have a leading "f" in your server name.

  • The Leading F is ok as I removed the File Server Specific name and just put something general in there.  I'm curious how would I pass the command from a elevated CMD prompt as the MSI exists on the file server and the command line install is msiexec.exe /i "ZA_Access.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log.  Oddly enough Zoho Assist shows up in C:\Program Files (x86)\ZohoMeetings and the Icon shows up in task bar and I'm able to connect through the Zoho Management console, but it never goes to a Successful status and I have to abort, but I can still connect.


  • You could copy the file from the file server to the computer that you are testing on, or you could try using the full UNC path to the file. Do you have any documentation from the software developer showing how to perform a silent installation? It sounds like the installer isn't running successfully for some reason.



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