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PDQ Connect Cost

Is anyone else severely disappointed in the pricing model for PDQ Connect? I was so looking forward to having it, but now I can't afford it. For an education user in Mississippi, the pricing is way out of my price range. The budget just can't handle all the cyber security requirements being laid on us by the insurance companies AND PDQ Connect. I pay less for Office 365 and Google Education Plus combined than what I would be paying for PDQ Connect.

Very disheartended...



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  • We aren't education, but the pricing model is fair for us. If the pricing model stays the same and more features continue to get added so that Connect is a solid alternative to D&I, it would be cheaper for us to just do Connect. No complaints on pricing atm.

    D&I might be a better solution for you if you have a large amount of computers and just need one admin license. PDQ has a lot of customers from the education sector from what I've heard. So I'm sure your feedback would be important to them. 

    Might be worth reaching out to or directly.

  • Most of what we manage is with Deploy and Inventory, but we have mobile computers that get taken home that we may not see for weeks at time. Even if I whittle it down to a few hundred that I need to manage that way it's still very expensive and now I am in yet another pane of glass each day. Way too many of those already.

    I was hoping for a client that would allow them to check in with Inventory and Deploy. A simple upload of an XML file with all the updated information for Inventory, and a quick download of anything that Deploy needs to push out to the machine. 

  • Timothy, I hear where you're coming from and appreciate the feedback. I want to share a reddit comment that our president, Jaren, sent a couple months ago regarding pricing. I also wanted to share that there is a 10% discount for EDU customers.


    I hear ya — and many times, I react the same. Pricing sometimes feels impossible to get right.
    I recognize that our price may be accessible for many companies but absolutely not universally accessible. A downloadable, on-prem tool like Deploy and Inventory will continue to be the better option for some, while a cloud-hosted tool like Connect is a better fit for others. I’m really sorry if Connect’s pricing doesn’t fit your budget.

    Personally, I spent more time than I thought reasonable trying to estimate our costs, looking at comparable products’ pricing, and understanding IT budgeting at different companies. If helpful, I can share some of what I saw. We found that that for cloud-based app deployment solutions, $12/year ($1/month) fell on the lowest end compared to the industry norm which sits at $60/year ($5/month). I hope that our pricing combined with modest edu and volume discounts makes PDQ Connect accessible to more companies.

    Customer research and norms only give us a guideline, so I appreciate your feedback. And we’ll continue to learn and adjust our pricing over time. Would be happy to talk more about it if helpful. You can reach me at