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Package library confusion

For years now, I have had packages downloaded for Chrome, Edge and Firefox that automatically update. Today, I upgraded to the newest versions of Deploy and Inventory. Following the upgrade, I was double-checking everything and those packages no longer show updates waiting to be approved and no longer show as downloaded on the Packages tab. Also, it appears that they are saving to new locations in the repository. For example, Google Chrome Enterprise files used to save to the folder path Repository\Google\Chrome\, but is now saving to just Repository\Chrome. 

I am having some sort of episode or did something change? With the packages no longer being downloaded, I am going to have to download the new packages and then update or create new deployment schedules. I will do this if I have to, but don't want to if there is just something that I am missing.





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  • They removed the 'publisher' layer of the folder sorting and totally trashed the repository folder. It also seems to have broken any existing packages that normally update themselves. 

  • That's the way it seems. I've already corrected everything, but I'm glad I always check everything following an upgrade.



  • I'm pretty unhappy about it. We work out of the Repository folder for all of our IT hosted software. It's a total mess now. I don't see the reason for this change, at all. Not only did they remove the sorting, but they didn't even bother to name the folders identically to the software. It's like looking at some jump-drive full of random software. Not professional at all. 

  • I don't know if it was some sort of mistake associated with relocating where they host their downloads or if it was intentional. If it was intentional, shame on them. If it was a mistake, shame on them too, but at least they didn't purposefully screw our repositories.

  • Hi All,
    Apologies for the confusion. There are 2 separate things going on that appear related:

    Thing 1:
    Yes, We did make an intentional change to the structure of the Package Library. The file paths for packages have changed:
    From: Repository\Publisher\Software
    To: Repository\Software
    We had vendor folders that had names like Andrea Vacondio (PDFSam), Antibody Software (WizTree), Giorgio Tani (PeaZip), etc. that didn't line up with the software package name and if you didn't know it by memory, it made it difficult to know which folder to navigate to access a specific software package. We have a Windows folder as an exception for Cumulative Updates, but our goal was to remove a layer of folder complexity with the hope of providing greater simplicity and transparency for the Package Library Repository. We also did not want to disturb any existing custom packages based off of the old structure, so those packages are left in the old format, so we wouldn’t break anything. Only new packages are in the new folder structure going forward.

    Thing 2:
    There is currently a bug that our engineering team has been working on that affects auto-downloads. In any version of PDQ Deploy newer than 19.3.365.0, auto-downloads are broken. Downgrading to 19.3.365.0 or using the latest nightly build 19.3.413.0 will resolve the issue and auto-downloads will start appearing as you have previously configured them.

    Hopefully that helps. Please open a ticket with our Support team if you’re still having trouble and we'll be glad to try and help you out.

  • Well, I'm glad that to remove confusion you made our working directory look like a college students drive full of pirated software. "We also did not want to disturb any existing custom packages..." So you knew that all of your customers were using this format for all of their files and just changed it anyway? Nice. So is the answer for all of us to just dump all of our packages into the root of repository as well? That should really reduce confusion. 

  • This is what is going on? Came to see if there was a bug report on this. You guys did it on purpose? My folders are an unsorted mess because PDFSam had a confusing developer name? Isn't this throwing out the baby with the bath water? 

  • Neither 19.3.413.0  or 19.3.415.0 work for us. Please revert it back to where it was. Also, folder structure is a mess. Disappointing.

  • Sorry to ask an obvious question, but I haven't downgraded PDQ before. Is it safe to assume that I have to uninstall the current versions and then install the older version? Is there anything specific I need to do in order to make sure I don't lose the database and all of the settings?


  • Nevermind my last post. I uninstalled Deploy and then installed version 19.3.365.0. The auto downloads do appear to be present again. Unfortunately, I have to go back through and fix the schedules that I had changed in order to fix what I was seeing in the newest version.

  • Not only the Folders but also the Filenames have changed.

    • OLD: $(Repository)\Mozilla\Firefox-ESR\x64\Firefox Setup 102.10.0esr.exe
    • NEW: $(Repository)\FirefoxESR\102.11.0\FirefoxESR_64bit_102.11.0.exe


    So can i assume the Filenames will from now on be like this:


    with the Architecture optional depending if there even are different releases?

  • On the PDQ Package Library Changelog there is a description of the changes that were made.

  • We fixed it! It's working now.

    Looks like you guys didn't give the right URL to whitelist, here is the correct one:

    Please fix your typo on this page -


  • Looks like it's updated now. Thanks!