Deploying application step as Logged on user but with Admin privileges from UAC so the installer works properly

I have an application from Autodesk that requires it install as the user that will be logged in using the software.  We have dedicated machines.  Running the deploy step as Logged on User would work, except it fails because it hits UAC because our users do not have elevated privileges.  If i run it as the PDQ deploy service account with admin rights, it just installs it on that PDQ_SVC user on the machine because the software is setup poorly to not install for all users like previous versions have been.

Any ideas appreciated!



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  • Are you talking about "new" machines with yet no Autodesk installation?

    Or (also) about machines which need to be updated with new version?

  • This would be both for new installs and for updating people that currently have CTC BIM Project Suite 2023.  Installing 2024 they have an issue with their installer for sure that requires manually removing 23 beforehand, that part works well.

  • makes no sense either, does it?

    you would need to split the package.

    1st one run as PDQ_SVC user to elevate priviliges of user.

    2nd one run as user

  • I was attempting to elevate the privileges of the user with the PDQ_SVC account but I think I was either doing it incorrectly or I didn't give the PDQ_SVC account as many permissions as I thought when I set it up.  It typically works great and has no issues bypassing UAC with the permissions on it, i'm just not sure if those same permissions can be used to elevate someone else.  I'll double check that thank you!!


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