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Auto generate dynamic lists of versions from a certain software product


I want to create dynamic lists of versions from a certain software product, kind of automatically.

For example, under Windows dynamic list, that contains all devices with Windows, I need to create all existing versions, each version with his own dynamic list.

It would look something like:


 ,,,,,Windows 10

      ..... Version 20H1

      ...... Version 21H2

.... Windows 11

,,,, Windows 7

This would be an awesome feature update, just right click the collection and generate new dynamic collections based on all existing versions of that software product. Could also be applied to memory sizes, HDD capacity, ....






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  • I second that.

    I also have the situation of dynamically creating a collection for each "Department" (custom field)

  • I would love to see something like this. We have it in Connectwise Control. It allows you to create Subgroup Expressions. So for instance you would have a main collection that matches a certain application and then inside that collection use a Subgroup Expression for the version that would automatically create collections for each version of that software.

    Here's a link to how it works with Control. We wouldn't need anything as complicated as this but it gives an idea of what I think would be a great feature.