Dynamic Collections Based On Logged In User's AD Attributes Such As Department, Job Title, Manager, Location, City, State Etc.


I would like to create several Dynamic Collections based on the logged in user's AD attributes such as Department, Job Title, Manager, Location, City, State etc.

I can use a PowerShell Scanner if required. But how do I get these values into Custom Attributes within the PDQ Database for each Computer listed in PDQ Inventory after scanning AD via PowerShell based on the Computer Account?




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  • Hi Vishal,
    technically, the PowerShell script does create the Custom attributes for you. When you run a PowerShell scanner, the result is placed in Device > PowerShell. You can create a collection that draws the required information from here.

    For performace reason it's recommended to keep only the required information in there and not a large array of information the hadabase has to handle.

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