Deploy from Failed Step starts over from the beginning

When we try to redeploy from a failed step the deployment starts over from the first step.  This also occurs if we try to run a deployment from a step further down in the deployment. Has anyone else seen this?  We are on version 19.3.425.0.  I have opened a case, but figured I would see if anyone else is experiencing this.


Thanks in advance!



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  • Only thing I could think of would be to double check "error modes" for each single package/nested package.

  • Looks like the issue was something hung on the server.  I rebooted the server and now everything is working correctly. 

    Lesson learned.  Always reboot before opening a ticket.  I tell my users to do this but didn't follow my own advice!

  • Glad that you got it sorted Engineering Services and no worries. If you haven't yet, you should consider joining our community discord.


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