What's the purpose of deploying a Email profile out to ipads and iphones?

Recently just purchased SimpleMDM as we use PDQ Deploy and Inventory.  My question is why would someone "want" to deploy out a Email Profile to Exchange through SimpleMDM if we are a Exchange Online subscriber.  Normally it just requires someone to just open "Outlook" sign in with the MS365 account, and they are off to the races.  I'm trying to increase our administrative powers over all our devices, and we wanted to centrally manage all our iOS devices to ensure they stay up to date, and we are able to unlock them if someone leaves, etc.  I'm just trying to wrap my head around this one.



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  • Typically the advantage would be that the user wouldn't have to take the initial steps to configure the email account on their device. With the email account profile, you can either specify the username and password so that the user doesn't need to set up the account at all, or you can specify just the username and the user will receive a prompt to sign in with their password via the identity provider to finish the configuration. Ultimately it just automates a few steps of the process.

    The mail profile itself is only for the iOS mail app. The outlook app does not get access to those profiles so the person would still need to manually add their account if using the Outlook app.

    If you prefer just using the Outlook app, you can go that direction.

  • Thanks Andrew.  I'm curious with Outlook vs iOS mail app.  Is there a way to policy/block the native iOS mail app from being accessible?

  • Yup, you can use an app restrictions profile to hide the Mail app and prevent its usage


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