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Re-enabling Package Sharing

it is somehow possible?



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  • No. That was replaced by Central Server.

  • So alternatively is there a possibility to start the deployment from the client console background service?

    It would be much better to be able to choose to contact the target from the client console background service. 

    It makes no sense at all to have multiple client consoles if all targets are in others sites and not reachable from the central server. 


  • This is where DFS really shines.

  • The Dfs has absolutely nothing to do with the Targets reachability.

    Central server reach only the Target in the same lan site. 

  • So you’re saying that your central server can’t reach remote endpoints?

  • Sure. It's normal. They are in different remote sites.

    Having remote clients console in different sites it's pointless if only the central server can contact the targets to initiate the deployment. 

  • That sounds like a network issue you need to work out. I have multiple remote sites and VPN connected endpoints that I manage from central servers and use DFS for the repository.

  • These is no issue. It's by design. 

    For this early y2k vpn scenario, central server it's not needed at all, you can simple use the standard local console mode. 

    You yourself are forced to use a vpn and treat your lan sites endpoints like nomad road warrior endpoints over the internet.

    When that would be enough to simply allows to start the deployment from the background service of "client console" in remote sites.