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Better breakdown of Office 365

It would be really great if the collection library would have a more in-depth breakdown of office 365 products installed and if they are current for a given channel. and x86 and x64 breakdown would be nice as well.  Having the default collections already available and updating the variables for what is current would be a great help to keep sysadmins aware of our patching progress.  

Knowing that a 365 product is installed is OK but it is a very small portion of what needs to be watched and maintained.  





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  • Agreed. I like the breakdown that are in other pre-built collections.  Also, a System Variable with the latest versions for each channel would be very helpful as well.  Example: Send out a check for office update on a heartbeat when an older version is detected.  We use the following update step, but have to manually change our custom variable for the M365 latest channel version every few weeks:

    "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\OfficeC2RClient.exe" /update user displaylevel=false forceappshutdown=true