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How to have a package step run regardless of an error in an Auto-Download package?

Hello all.

I'm fairly new to PDQ Deploy and am trying to figure out how to get a package "Post-" step to run even if a step in the Auto-Download package fails.  Since I can't edit the steps for an Auto-Download package, how would I go about doing this?  Would I need to create a standard package from the Auto-Download package and modify the steps to change the Error Mode to "Continue"?  This seems to defeat the purpose of using Auto-Download packages and requires ongoing maintenance.

What is the best way to have a "finally" step that always runs, regardless of the outcome of previous steps?  Prior to patching (as part of a "Pre-" step), I suppress alerts on the server being patched.  If the patch fails, alerts continue to be suppressed because my "Post-" step to resume alerts never fires.  

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


I currently have Windows patches scheduled to run on a monthly interval.  I created a new pa



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  • I can't test this, but I think it might work.

    • Create a new package.
    • Add a Nested Package Step that points to your Auto Download package.
    • Set the Error Mode to Continue on this step.
    • Add your "resume alerts" step.
  • That works Colby Bouma.  Thank you very much.  Nested packages was exactly what I needed to implement.  Cheers!