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Deployment Status Showing Successful on Failed Nested Package Steps

I've created a package with 3 nested package steps:

1. Nested Package A (pre-patch tasks, i.e. suppressing server alerts)

2. Nested Package B (Auto-Download Patch)

3. Nested Package C (post-patch tasks, i.e. resuming server alerts)

I am doing this so that I can set the Error Mode on step 2 to "Continue" to ensure step 3 always runs .  This works and step 3 is executed even on a failure of step 2 but the Deployment Summary shows the overall status as Successful. 

Why would it be considered successful if only 2 of the 3 steps were successful? 

Should I be going about a "finally" step (a step that always runs) a different way? 

Auto-Download packages have their own steps which are set to stop the deployment on error so by nesting it I could then change the Error Mode on the nested step itself to allow it to continue on error.  This got me to step 3 even on error but the status should not be successful when the patch step itself failed.  

Thanks for any insight.




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  • It's considered successful since the error mode is set to continue, rather than stop on error. This can be helpful for some packages, but doesn't sound like it's doing what you are wanting. You may need to create and use a collection that has your packages that haven't had Nested Package B complete successfully and use that for your targeting/reporting.