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How to see computers 5 years or older using PDQ Inventory

Hey everyone,

So we are wanting to use PDQ Inventory to search through our machines and find the ones that are 5 years and older. We put the purchase date in the name of the computer, so typically the name of the computer goes Department Number, Users Name, Year Purchased. So an example would be 245JDAVIS18. The issue becomes is we will sometimes put letters after the year to denote different items like a laptop or other device. Example 245JDAVIS18L. How can we use Inventory to find all the machines that are 5 years and older? Thank you!



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  • I would use Regex. Assuming your numbers and alpha characters of your departments and users change, this will still work as long as the format is the same. Just change the digits in (?:18) for the year.

  • Thank you James! That works!