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what would be the best way to setup a scan to find any existence of a specific .exe on a computer?  right now i have  a file/folder scan w/ the below settings and seems to mostly work but for some reason its not finding java.exe on some systems even though i can see that its there in these directories.  thought maybe there may be a more efficient way to do it?




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  • Has the file scanner successfully ran on these targets? If you look at the files tab of a computer that you've scanned, do you see the file?

  • spot checking some that didnt work right, the successful scan date/time shows blank so not sure if thats a timeout or what

  • If you reduce the number of patterns and make them more precise, then rerun the scan, does it show a successful scan date?

  • thats hard to say......originally i had a few locations (c:\programdata, c:\users, c:\program files....) all searching for JUST java.exe.  so very specific on the file but more braod on the # of folders to search.   the desktops that had the issue did not work w/ that  (blank scan result time so i'm thinking maybe a timeout?) and when i narrowed it down to JUST scan those directories seperate in their own scans, it worked fine


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