WinRar CVE 2023-38831

With the release of CVE 2023 38831 I went to see if I had any clients with WinRar installed.. wohoo I don't! but now I am second guessing my simple Inventory filter of APPLICATION / NAME / CONTAINS / "WinRar"

I tried to filter via the "Publisher" too but no results I feel like there isn't an installation on my network but maybe I am not searching correctly? Anybody have a filter they would like to share?



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  • That Inventory filter looks good to me. If you have a test environment, you could test deploying the software, scanning the computer, then creating a report to look for installations.

  • @doodle jumpYou might try installing the software, scanning the PC, and then generating a report to search for installs if you have a test environment. 


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