scanner failed with error code -532462766

all of a sudden we are getting random errors like this w/ scans.  It goes through the whole scan and ends w/ this error.  Some of the time if i reboot the whole server it will work again for a while but keeps coming back every day . any idea what might be going on?




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  • I've been getting a lot more errors lately too...opened a ticket about it yesterday:

  • Andrew, Click the Online help for this type of issue. If that doesn't have a solution, then click the "Submit this issue to PDQ Support" button. You'll contact their support directly and get faster feedback from pro's. Also check out Help for PDQ Deploy while you're waiting. It'll have some troubleshooting steps as well as pre-reqs you can make sure are in place.

  • I recommend going through this article and make sure that the appropriate AV exclusions are in place: Recommended Antivirus/Antimalware Exclusions for PDQ Products



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