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Folder Copy: Directory not found. Used to work.


We seem to run into  an issue with folder copy, which used to work!

We are pushing a deployment to a remote office (connected by VPN) and to save time we have the install files on a file server in the local office instead of the head office file server.  Pushing the folder copy over the VPN is slow. This worked in the past but now I seem to get error in PDQ. The step is showing a yellow triangle with "Directory not found"

I can browse to the folder with the browse button, so not sure why it is happening.  Tried mapping the drive as well as browsing by the IP address and unc path. Any helpw would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,


PDQ Deploy 19.3.425.0



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  • Can you please restart the PDQ Services/reboot the server (if possible) first just to rule out the old "reboot it" fix?
    Can you also validate permissions on the subfolders haven't changed?