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PDQ Repository Clean Up

Good Afternoon

I have a question that may have already been answered. So as far as repository clean up If a package doesn't use the file directly but uses it will it pop up on the unused.

For example the line to install office at my company is install.exe /configure configfile.xml

Will the configfile.xml also show on the unused files. Below is an example is there a way we can overcome this? If not seems that using this tool will actually do more harm then good. Maybe I just have to go through all 10,000 files and confirm.


Thank you for any suggestions or help



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  • You have the option to exclude the whole folder.

  • Repository Cleanup won't delete files that are referenced by Additional Files. You highlighted 2 different files:

    • Configurationx64-Office2019.xml
    • Configuration-Office2019x64.xml
  • Colby Bouma Thank you for your response is it safe to confirm removing all unused files will not break any of our packages?

  • No, I can't guarantee that. Here are a couple things I can think of that might not get automatically excluded by Repository Cleanup:

    • Command or PowerShell steps that directly access Repository files.
    • Any files you manually added to the repository that aren't directly referenced by a package. I recommend creating a folder named Custom, move all your custom package files into it, and exclude it from Repository Cleanup.