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Teams 2.0 install issue

Hi all,

We're starting to look at the rollout of Teams 2.0. It's a new exe, rather than the previous MSI, but seemingly gives no success codes to say it's complete, just the below image. Is there a way to look in an output for 'true' as a successful install?




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  • Hi, I've looked up the error and it says: "The Windows message “0x80070057” represents an error caused by invalid arguments or invalid parameters. This is why, in some cases, you will also find the additional information “E_INVALIDARG” or “ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER”, which explicitly refers to these problems."

    Is it possible that you changed the installer but forgot to remove/change the silent install parameters?

  • Hi,

    I probably should have said that image is lifdted directly from MS. The install works fine on every machine I run it on, just there doesn't seem to be any way ro tell PDQ of a success code.

  • Does it not give a return code at all? If you run .\teamsbootstrapper.exe -? does it have any options that could help?

  • It gives a 0 whether it's success or fail so far. It only reports what it's done in the ouput log and if it's failed, it shows the above.

    It's also a streamlined install, so unless i can figure out where it's streaming from to put a bypass in my firewall, a user needs to be logged on too.

  • Gotcha. We're looking at adding this package to our package library for when the stable version is released in mid October. In the meantime you could look into using some PowerShell to wrap the installer and return the return code. Something like this may work for you:

    $installer = '.\teamsbootstrapper.exe'
    $installerArgs = '-p'

    # Run the installer
    $outFile = ".\output.txt"

    # Run the process and redirect output to file
    $Process = Start-Process -FilePath PowerShell -ArgumentList "-Command `"&{$Installer $InstallerArgs > $outFile}`"" -Wait -NoNewWindow

    # Read the output from the file
    $output = Get-Content -Path $outFile | ConvertFrom-Json

        Write-Output $Output
    } else {
        Write-Output $Output
        throw $output.errorcode


  • Honestly, I had more trouble trying to get that goofy bootstrapper to work for me than anything else, so I just bypass it altogether and provision the .msix via Add-AppProvisionedPackage -Online -PackagePath <MSIXFullPath> -SkipLicense. Seems to do the trick, and as long as I remove all traces of TEAMS Classic, it's the only TEAMS that shows up for folks after they login.

  • That's exactly what I've done. They've finally released an offline installer that gives you the MSIX, but the instructions to install it with the bootstrapper don't work either 😂

  • Sad to say, this has been par for the course with Microsoft and its documentation for some time now. They are in such a frenzy to add more features, AI, and other ways to extract data from your network to their cloud that their documentation is always weeks or months behind. And arbitratry nonsense changes like bootstrapper NOT giving a returncode to reflect what it did is just <beep>... smh.