package request for PDQ Connect - 8x8 Work

This is the software used for using the 8x8 VOIP solution. It is the softphone that connects to the phone services. 8x8 does a good job of rolling out updates (about once a month), but that also means people using 8x8 need to update their custom package once a month as well. 

The command for a silent install goes as follows.

msiexec.exe /i "\\pathtofile\8x8work.msi" /qn

success code 0



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  • here are the steps you can follow:

    1. Create a New Package:

      • Open PDQ Deploy.
      • Click on "New Package" to create a new deployment package.
    2. Package Properties: wordle

      • Enter a name for the package (e.g., "8x8 Work Update").
      • Choose a deployment option based on your requirements (e.g., "Manually with Steps" for more control).
    3. Add a Step:

      • Click on "Add Step" to define the installation step.
      • Choose "Install Step" from the dropdown.
    4. Define the Install Step:

      • Enter a name for the step (e.g., "Install 8x8 Work").
      • Specify the following details:
        • Install File: Provide the path to the 8x8 Work MSI file.
        • Parameters: Enter /i "\\pathtofile\8x8work.msi" /qn.
        • Success Codes: Add 0 as the success code.
    5. Save the Package:

      • Save the package.
    6. Deploy the Package:

      • Select the target machines or PDQ Inventory collection.
      • Click on "Deploy Once" or choose another deployment method based on your preference.

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