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Creating a report for software not found in the Control Panel

My company uses TwinMotion for visualization projects.  We are trying to generate a report that would show how many computers on our network have the program installed, but TwinMotion doesn't show in the "Control Panel>Uninstall a Program" list.  This is something installed by the Epic Games Store, so it only shows up in the Epic Games directory.  Similar to how everything installed and maintained by Steam ends up in "C:\ProgramFiles\steam\steamapps\common" folder.  As I never anticipated having epic or steam installed in a corporate environment, this task has been a challenge.  Can someone please instruct me on the parameters I would need to use to generate an accurate report in PDQ Inventory?



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  • Here are the steps to create a collection and report:

    1. Create a Custom Collection:

      • Open PDQ Inventory.
      • Go to the "Collections" tab.
      • Click on the "New Collection" button.
    2. Define the Collection Conditions: driving directions

      • In the "Name" field, give your collection a descriptive name (e.g., "Computers with TwinMotion").
      • In the "Conditions" tab, click on "Add Condition" and select "File/Directory" condition.
      • Configure the condition to match the location of TwinMotion. For example:
        • Name: Epic Games
        • File or Folder: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\TwinMotion
        • Make sure to set the appropriate conditions (e.g., exists, does not exist).
    3. Save the Collection.

    4. Verify the Collection:

      • After saving the collection, go back to the "Collections" tab.
      • Find your new collection and check if it dynamically populates with the computers that have TwinMotion installed.
    5. Create a Report:

      • Once the collection is correctly populated, you can create a report.
      • Go to the "Reports" tab.
      • Click on "New Report" and choose "Basic Report."
      • Select the columns you want in your report, and in the "Collections" section, choose your custom TwinMotion collection.
    6. Save and Run the Report:

      • Save the report with a descriptive name.
      • Run the report to see a list of computers with TwinMotion installed.

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