Slack Package - Create Update Package or Remove Uninstall Step from Main Package

I ran in to an issue today with an automation I created to update Slack:

I hadn't noticed initially but your default Slack package starts with an uninstall of Slack before deploying the machine wide installer. As a result, I bumped a few hundred of our users off of their Slack at 10:00 AM on a Monday morning. (lol)

Note that this uninstall occurs in all cases - not only for those running an .exe deployment but also for those already running a machine wide installation. You can replicate this by deploying an old version of Slack to and endpoint, starting slack and deploying the current version.

I have since created a custom deployment package to upgrade existing Slack versions without uninstalling:

Install Step - Install Slack x64
Installer - slack-standalone- (from:
Parameters - /i "slack-standalone-" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log
Success codes - 0,1641,3010,2359302
Run as - Local system
Error mode - Stop; set status as Error
This allows me to update without disrupting those who are actively using Slack (which is great) but it looks like I will need to manually update the installer file to keep things up to date (which is not ideal).


Any chance I can talk you in to creating an automatically updating package for Slack which does not include the unnecessary uninstall step?



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  • Hi Kyle, I'll discuss more details with you on the ticket you opened, but I looked into this and the history is we have lots of per-user slack installations that were not being removed and throwing off collections.


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