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Report in PDQ Inventory to show Chrome Extensions

Is there a way to have a report to show what extensions are installed in remote computers Chrome ?



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  • Yes.

    1. Download the PowerShell Scanners repository.
    2. Import the "Chromium-based Browser Extensions" scanner.
    3. Scan your targets. This must be done before building the report, or the columns won't exist.
    4. Build a report. The table will be named "PowerShell (Chromium-based Browser Extensions)".
  • Hi Colby Bouma I have imported the scanner and could see the "Scan Collection > PS - Chromium-based Browser Extension"

    But when I scan, it shows me a error "failed to read file on source". 
    I only have 2 "Select Scan User" : Domain\Domain_admin & .\administrator

    Please kindly advise if I am also missing something ?

  • That most likely means you copied the PowerShell-Scanners folder somewhere other than C:\PowerShell-Scanners.

  • Colby Bouma Thanks seem to be working after I changed the path of the ps1 and the scan user in scan profiles.
    But how do I see what extensions are installed in Chrome for those machines ?