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Top 5 (or 10) recommended client maintenance and management tasks


I'm supporting several SMB customers, from 100 - 1000 computers, on a daily basis, using PDQ Inventory and Deploy.
The customers are using our self-developed POS (Point Of Sale Software) on their computers.
Some customers are buying their own hardware, and some buy the hardware from us.
There are a variety of OS, from Windows 7 embedded to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC running on the computers.

We bought PDQ Deploy mainly for distribution and install of new versions and fixes of our self developed POS Software.
We bought Inventory mainly for the Inventory and reporting features.

I was hoping to get some nice tips from you on how I can take both Inventory and Deploy to a "higher level".
Both tools are so powerful, and I want to take advantage of this, for better maintenance of our customers computers.

I've been playing around with Inventory and Deploy for a while, but wanted to ask you guys how you are using Inventory and Deploy to the fullest :)
Especially when it comes down to the "Client management" perspective. 
But all tips and tricks are of course welcome.

Love to hear from you!

Best Regards,



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  • They've done plenty of tips and tricks videos on Youtube, but I'm not sure if they've compiled everything in one place. Is there something you'd like to accomplish?

  • Are you making good use of PDQ Inventory Collections?

  • @Andrew Pla:
    I am making use of collections, yes. Especially for sorting out what versions of our self developed POS software, and other software, the computers has installed.
    I also use collections to sort out what OS they are running, and what patch level they have, and many more.

    What I was hoping for, when posting this, was to get some advice on how you use PDQ Inventory and Deploy to maintain and manage your computers or your company customers computers.

    I actually need some good "punchlines" to present to my boss and my department, to convince them to open up a new position. A position that has the responsibility for maintaining and manage all of our customers computers, when it comes to keeping them "up to date" on all levels.

  • We actually have a blog about ways to impress your boss with PDQ Deploy & Inventory that may be helpful.

    How to impress your boss with PDQ Deploy & Inventory | PDQ

    How to automate patch management with PDQ Deploy & Inventory | PDQ