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PDQ's PSWindowsUpdate packages: handling failed updates


I really appreciate PDQ providing these packages to users. I'm using these instead of WSUS, which recently died on me, forcing me to look at alternatives methods of patching workstations.

The pre-built packages generally work well, but I have 1 update on 1 workstation so far that is failing to install, yet the deployment task completes successfully. I guess the package is not set to watch/check for the result and amend the return code. Or if it is, it's not working. 

For example, KB5001716 gets detected as required, gets downloaded successfully, but fails on install with...

VERBOSE: Downloaded [1] Updates ready to Install

Size : 773KB
Status : ADF----
KB : KB5001716
X : 3
ChooseResult : Accepted
Result : Failed
DownloadResult : Downloaded
InstallResult : Failed
Title : 2023-05 Update for Windows 10 Version 21H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5001716)

What is the most reliable way to check this file for "Install Result : Failed", then amend the Return Code to something other than 0?

Also, probably not a PDQ question, but what is the best way to troubleshoot these failures?