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Auto Downloaded Packages not Reflecting New Package Available

Auto Downloaded Packages not Reflecting New Package Available:

Noticed this in PDQ Deploy v 19.3.470.0 (Enterprise Mode).

Packages that are downloaded from library "As Auto Download" are no longer linking to Package Library Updates. The updated package needs to be downloaded manually, reselecting "As Auto Download". This results in (2) two packages being present in the packages, and any Pre / Post steps needing to be copied or created in the latest version or updated package.




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  • Update: It has been noticed only after "As Auto Download" new package and duplicating any Pre / Port steps that the next associated package update is reflecting properly in the package library "updates". Almost seems that a package association was broken until new "As Auto Download" was completed.

  • I just had the similar thing for the Microsoft Edge package. Took me a minute to figure out there was a new version that was not showing up normally.

  • B. Banks: Yes I noticed this with the "Microsoft Edge for Business 118.0.xxxx.xx" packages which obviously has high update frequency. Also notices with Adobe Reader DC, FileZilla, Notepad++, and few other packages.

  • Are you on version 19.3.470.0?  
    If you are on 19.3.470.0, then this was found to be a bug first introduced in version 19.3.470.0 (and Beta 19.3.471.0). In our testing, our team discovered that updated versions of Auto Download packages cannot be manually approved for download, and that these updates will not appear in the Auto Download Approvals pane in the PDQ Deploy interface. That being said, the automatic approval settings are still honored and Auto Download packages should still updated automatically if the approval settings allow.
    Unfortunately there is not a fix available for this issue yet, however downgrading to version 19.3.464.0 should resolve the issue.
    To downgrade your installation, just uninstall PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory from Programs and Features the same as you would any other piece of software, then install version 19.3.464.0 using the installers available on this page or the direct link below: Releases | PDQ
    PDQ Deploy 19.3.464.0
    PDQ Inventory 19.3.464.0
    Downgrading your installation should not affect your databases, however you may want to take a backup beforehand just to be safe. You can take a backup by navigating to 'Options > Preferences > Database' and selecting "Backup Now".
    Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Just An Update:

    Although I downloaded package "Microsoft Edge for Business 118.0.2088.61" with "As Auto Download" new on the day (10.23.23) it was posted to library. Today (10.25.23) the updated package "Microsoft Edge for Business 118.0.2088.69" did not associate to the previous "As Auto Download" package. 

    As mentioned by Andrew, if this feature needs immediate resolve. The suggestion is to roll back to a previous version of the PDQ software. At this time, I have not verified this roll back but trust this solution will resolve the "As Auto Download" hiccup.

    Manually reviewing the updates in package library and manually downloading is still operational.

  • Update:

    I have started testing with new release PDQ Deploy 19.3.472.0 and PDQ Inventory 19.3.472.0. Initial review this looks promising in resolving the witnessed hiccup. 

  • Confirmed any troubles seen with recently released package updates are working correctly in PDQ Deploy 19.3.472.0 and PDQ Inventory 19.3.472.0 versions.


  • Glad to hear @Elwyn. For anyone else who runs into this, you can download and install this new version from the links provided below, or by using the in-app updater by navigating to 'Help > Check for Update'. We've included both release versions for the sake of convenience in case you need to update both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.
    PDQ Deploy 19.3.472.0
    PDQ Inventory 19.3.472.0