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Windows 11 Compatibility


I am trying to figure out a way to check Win11 requirements for our environment's PC's but have not had luck getting this to work.

Bonus-Content/Windows11 Check at master · pdqcom/Bonus-Content · GitHub


I am stuck trying to run the GetApprovedProcs.ps1 script. Has anyone had luck with this or know of another way to check if PC's are able to upgrade to Windows 11?





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  • That script no longer works after an update to Microsoft's site that took place after that script was written. There is another method to get this info. Gakamor on reddit uses this solution:

    I use Microsoft's Windows 11 Hardware Readiness script with a minor modification. Just comment out the last line of code before the Signature block and add a few lines of code. Then use that modified script as a PowerShell Scanner in Inventory.

    #$outObject | ConvertTo-Json -Compress
    if ($outObject.returnResult -eq $CAPABLE_CAPS_STRING) {
        $WIN11COMPATIBLE = $true
    else {
        $WIN11COMPATIBLE = $false
        IncompatibleItems = $outObject.returnReason

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