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Trying to install the new Microsoft Teams App


The old installer for Teams is no longer working correctly and I think it has something to do with the new version being live.  I have been messing with installing the new one via PDQ but, so far, I haven't had any luck.  

Part of it is that Microsoft uses an .MSIX file but, as far as I can tell, PDQ doesn't support the .MSIX format.  I tried to install it by running a command but, it's still not working.  I'm happy to share what I've tried if it comes to that.


Thank you.  



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  • What I had to do was run two tasks to update Teams.

    The first step is to run to Uninstall Microsoft Teams 1.0 package (from the library).

    Step 2 is to run the Microsoft Teams (as of today) package.

    The reason is that the Teams package has a step that checks to see if Teams is already installed and will fail if it is.