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Dynamic group showing online computers with c:\temp folder

I've created a scan profile to look for c:\temp directory.

I see that the scan picks up the directory on a computer:

But when I set up a new dynamic group under the Online Systems group and set my filter, it doesn't work. I tried with both All and Any. Neither worked.

My dynamic group is showing 0 online systems with a c:\temp folder. What's up with that?!?



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  • In your collection, change Path to Name and Value Equals temp ?

  • I believe you'll need to do 

    ALL (not any)
         Path = C:\
         Name = temp

    You can do contains if you want. the issue is that if you look at the column headings, path does not equal c:\temp


  • This worked!

  • That would definitely work, but keep in mind that it could also work for d:\temp, if you ever scan the d drive (etc). Your way isn't wrong, but it could produce unexpected results. In your case, where you're only scanning c:\temp. it will work just fine.