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Deploying a package to the same Inventory group every night, but its not working

Trying to set it to restart Computers each night. The package works fine, but something on the schedule isnt working

When I 1st built the package, it ran to all the targets in the list for example, to about 90% ran and the others it missed, most likely due to being ff.

The next night it runs it to only the next 10% and keeps trying the ones each night it missed.

I want it to run to all targets each night. I dont want to use a static list that has to be constantly maintained.
I dont want it to retry, as if its off and they turn it on in the morning and then reboots, its ok if its missed, I just want the job to run reoccurring.






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  • Disable "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" on the Options tab of the Schedule.

  • OK thanks I will give it a try.