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Microsoft Remote Desktop clients for Azure Virtual Desktop

I would like to make a package request for the Microsoft Windows Desktop client.

This software is used to start an Azure Virtual Desktop session. This is a widely used application, companies using Micorost Azure need this software. So this will not be used by a few, this is a widely used application. On the forum there are already several requests. I would therefore like to have this software in the package library. Microsoft also releases an update almost every week, so it would be desirable to have this in the package library as well.


The microsoft information can be found at: On this page is also the download link.

The standard Azure license agreement applies to this software. This is displayed during installation of the software and can be found at

The software is free of viruses, see the scan below from The software is updated and maintained almost weekly by Microsoft.

The software is easy to install; it is a standard .msi installation. The command line = msiexec.exe /i "RemoteDesktop_1.2.4677.0_x64.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log

Could you add this software? You are going to make a lot of users happy with this.

Thanks in advance for the effort!

Tom Lekkerkerker



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  • Tom, thanks for the suggestion!