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PDQ Deploy How to

Hello PDQ Crew people, 

Any advice on how you would achieve this sequence of tasks

Deploy one package task to one computer

Then run another package 1 min later another set of computers

1 min later run another package to another set of computers. 


My question is how can you have this all in the same package while being able to target different computers. 

Currently I have 3 separate schedules targeting the list of computers they require. Now this works but its not effective and compact. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I couldnt see how you can target different computers within the same package that has multiple steps.


Thanks everyone



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  • Schedules would be my go to.

    You could do this in a package by duplicating the step multiple times with conditions. Then in-between each install step, you have a sleep step to pause the package for a duration (1 min based on your description).

    Each install step is going to have a requirement that the computers are part of a PDQ Inventory Collection. You'll need to have a different collection for each install step to target. Step 1 = PC's are a member of collection A, Step 2 = PC's are a member of collection B, etc. You also need to set the option for error mode to continue, so when a PC isn't a member of step 1 or 3, it continues to the next step and doesn't fail.

    So you deploy the package to ALL computers you want targeted, step 1 will run if the PC is a member, and fail to the sleep step if it's not, it will then check for step 2, so on and so forth.

    Doing it this way, you cannot control which computers out of all of your groups are deployed to in what order. It will deploy to all computers in a random order. This will only combine it all to one package instead of multiple schedules with a delay.


    I haven't tested it. But I believe you could make a script that imports a list of your PC's and calls a deployment with PDQ's command line tools, but you'd need to create it yourself. For what you want to do, I think schedules are the best.

  • Thank you very much. I was able to target with the inventory groups and the condition of continue if not part of the group. This work nicely. Cheers for your help Bro. James D