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I would like to submit this app for review and hopefully see it added to the auto-updated packages that are in PDQ Deploy and have an entry added to the Collection Library to keep up with updated versions.  This app allows individuals to share their screen with their NewLine interactive touch panel displays. NewLine/DisplayNote updates this app pretty regularly for security, functionality, and usability patches. The file regularly checks out clean from VirusTotal.  I think this app would benefit others like myself who have to create the package every time a new version is published by DisplayNote.  The app has an auto-update feature that is annoying to my teachers because they don't have the privileges to install the latest version, currently when a teacher mentions it is, is the only way I know that the app is ready for an update.  I have this running as a custom package called DisplayNote2.25.0.27451, it's pretty vanilla, but I would be happy to share it.  I also added a PS command to copy the link from Program Data to the Public Desktop folder so it shows for all the users who utilize the computer thanks to Sid in Support.