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FireFox ESR add custom bookmarks

Hi all,

We are deploying FireFox as an alternative to IE in our organization for some people. Only thing I run into is adding some default bookmarks. That seems to be a lot more tricky then with IE. I have been playing with the distribution.ini but without luck so far...

Anybody with experience with this?

Help very much appreciated..






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  • I managed to make something with CCK2.

    That works fine...

    Now I run into a practical (read lazy person) issue.

    I packaged my customizations into a MSI and would like to run always after a clients gets Firefox ESR installed via auto update feature...

    Again suggestions more then welcome!



  • Bookmarks are stored in a file called places.sqlite located in the %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<randomized> folder of a user. 

    There also contains in that folder a places.sqlite-shm, and places.sqlite-wal file. 

    I would play around with setting up a profile on a VM, configuring the bookmarks how you want them, and copying those three files out to a USB stick or something. Then import them on another VM or computer or something and see if the bookmarks load correctly. 

    If they do, you could create a script to copy out the files from your "Gold VM", and replace them on the target machine. I'd use a GPO for this rather than PDQ Deploy, as it would be easier, but I suppose if you wanted to be a fancy pants about it you could try and make PDQ do the work for you. However, I'm all about working smarter not harder, and a GPO seems the way to go in this instance. 

    That's my two cents. It may not work. But it may be just what you are looking for too, I haven't tested this at all.