KB3159398 uninstall please


Edit: powershell to se whst gpo's are affected




Could you plase provide a uninstall for this?


Possably others as well. But for us it is just KB3159398 causing issues.


I have tried to make a command step, based of this:


but it wont fly.



Sources for the problem...:




EDIT: 17.06.2016
This was just a quick fix to get our systems working again. Permanent fix (witch allows you to install these "fixes" from MS) is to add "Authenticated Users" to the the delegation tab on every GPO. And if you use security filtering, as i assume most people do you also need to add domain computers to the delegation tab of every GPO. Both with Read permissions on the GPO. 

The problem with this is that if you don't have this setting on some GPO's that are "Silent"/ a security setting witch you don't see the affect of. User or admins don't detect they are not working. You might think you are not affected by this but the policy will not apply.

On the opposite side you will most def. notice this if you have a GPO that deploys printers to all users and don't have Authenticated users and Domain computers set in delegation tab...

Thank you MS for changing witch settings makes a GPO apply!!!! Pun intended.



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  • Never mind. My stupid mistake. spicworks writes:



    Offcause it shold be /forcerestart


    So add this as a command step.

    wusa /uninstall /kb:3159398 /quiet /forcerestart

    success codes:



    If you dont want to restart (or you want that as seperate step in PDQ) just use:

    wusa /uninstall /kb:3159398 /quiet /norestart


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