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Core FTP LE EXE uninstall

CoreFTP LE was recently added to your packages (and we're loving it) but we still have a problem with the old installation. As you may know, even if you install using the PDQ package from your library, the old installation hangs around which causes 2 entries to show up in the programs list. 

Since CoreFTP doesn't seem to support a silent uninstall I've written a Powershell script that uses the WASP snapin ( which is then pushed out using PDQ deploy (with a few other steps such as adding current user to local admin, then removing after script has run). It works but because the uninstall window for CoreFTP still pops up, I have to rely on users NOT interacting with the window for it to work. Also, in a hilarious reversal, I actually NEED people to be logged in for it to work.

So before running this thing on a couple hundred machines, I thought I'd post here to ask if you guys have come up with a better way to do this. Hopefully silently?

Thanks. --Doni



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  • I did some checking and it appears a silent uninstall can happen however I don't use this app so I can't confirm.  


    To make CoreFTP Silent uninstallation without profile delete popup message.
    Remove below entry from : InstallExecuteSequence table

    _66116449_8230_408C_9984_08A683A737BE (BUTTON2=2) AND $C__ABCEF8B51A714EE3A98C17962B4EA616=2 1699
    _9F4ED881_D2B0_4967_955D_00AD73F31497 (BUTTON2=1) AND $C__3C7FA09BF5B845E5A800E21117453268=2 1698

  • I found the same post but was under the impression that was used for the install so that you could, later, uninstall silently.

    Our issue is it was installed with the standard .exe installer (no .msi or .mst). I think this pretty much answers my question though. If it wasn't installed with the ability to be uninstalled silently, you're out of luck. 

    Thanks for the response. 

  • Came back to comment since we got this figured out. One of our team members emailed the developers to ask about the behavior of their "silent" uninstaller. They said they would get it fixed (get it to stop asking to save sites on /s uninstall) and they did!

    To get the silent uninstaller to work all we had to do was push out the new version ( then run the uninstaller with a /s. Then we just switched to using the version AdminArsenal put together to make auto-patching easier. I've attached a snippet of our package that Installs the update, runs the fixed uninstaller, then installs the Core FTP version put together by AdminArsenal. Rand this during work hours with no issues.

    Hope this helps out someone else who may be looking for a solution.