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Installing Internet Explorer 7.0

In order for a successful deployment of Internet Explorer via Admin Arsenal it is necessary to download the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) from Microsoft.

After you download and install the free IEAK, run the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard. The wizard itself is pretty self-explanatory. Some pointers for consideration: After choosing your target platform (if you need to deploy IE 7 to more than one platform type i.e. XP and Windows 2003 then you will need to perform this step for each desired platform) choose the File in the Media Selection section. When asked to configure the Feature Selections, make sure to have Corporate Install Features checked. Selecting Corporate Install Features will allow you to set the installation options needed for your deployment. Options include:

•Latest Updates - check this feature if you want IE to download the latest updates after installation
•Hands-Free Installation - choose this option if you want the user to see the installation but not have to answer any questions
•Completely Silent Installation - Choose this feature if you want the installation to take place without the user's knowledge and without any user intervention.
•Restart Options include: Default (prompt for restart after install), No Restart or Force Restart

After you define your deployment options, you can use Admin Arsenal to deploy your new Internet Explorer 7.0 installation.