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IE 7 & 8

Step 1: Obtain the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) from Microsoft
Internet Explorer version 7 & 8 use the IEAK to create installers for use remotely. Each version has its own IEAK that needs to be downloaded separately, but the same process applies to each.

For IE 7
For IE 8

Step 2: Install IEAK

Step 3: Run Windows Internet Explorer Customization Wizard
Select your builds destination
Choose Platform - A different build will need to be made for each platform
Choose Media - Our example uses File
Feature Selection - Check the items you wish to customize. You may not need to check all the items. The following windows will be determined by the selections you choose
Automatic Version Synchronization - Use this to feature to grab the latest version of IE from Microsoft
Corporate Install - We turned off auto updates after installation
User Experience - VERY IMPORTANT. We chose Completely Silent and No Restart

Browser Title - If desired add your company name
Search Provider Customization - Add any search providers you wish
Connection Settings - This is where you can enter Proxy addresses, etc.
Additional Settings - Set additional settings and restrictions
Close the Wizard after it completes creating the custom setup.

Two files will be created in your Builds directory. There will be an EXE and an MSI. Choose whichever file you wish for your Deployment file. If you choose the EXE, no additional command line switches need to be supplied since the deployment file was already configured to run silently during the IEAK Wizard. If you choose the MSI, select the appropriate options (No Restart, etc.) as these options may override the settings configured in the IEAK Wizard.